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"Thank you so much for an outstanding session. I learned a lot myself. You made a powerful impact on my teachers! In fact, one 5th grade teacher left the training, went home, and within hours revised her lesson plans for this week based on information she gained from the training. I'm looking forward the second session." Erica Gee-Bradley, M.Ed. Principal, Galloway Elementary School, Jackson Public Schools

"This was the best training I have had. I implemented some of the skills taught within the same day of training. It was just a basics class but the presenter did AWESOME! I have used SMART Notebook everyday since this training." Rebecca White, Conway Public Schools 

"Best PD I've been to all year. This information was so necessary and relevant. I am just sad that I went 3/4 of my year without these tools!" Katie Aldridge, Park Avenue Elementary 

“The workshop was awesome! Julie was excellent in every way.  It was as if she invented the software herself, and it hasn’t even taken me 24 hours to use some of the things I learned in the training.  This will have an impact on student engagement and outcomes, and I’m looking forward to the second session." Teacher, Batesville Middle School, SPSD

"Ms. Julie Sanford is an exceptionally dynamic, energetic and charismatic speaker. Her presentations of the capabilities of interactive technology are impressive, informative and hands-on and capture the imagination of her entire audience. The thorough preparation of each of her classes is indicative of the professionalism she brings to the table on a daily basis. A pleasure to work with." Jim Crisafulli, Military Instructional Developer (via LinkedIn)

“I feel that this was the BEST SMART training I have had! After this workshop, I am motivated and less fearful, and I am very excited about using my new found skills. I am ready to create lessons for my students!” Nancy Parker, Shelby County Schools

“This workshop was extremely beneficial to me. I will admit that I'm not eager to use technology. . .  I now feel confident because of the training I received. I am excited to start incorporating the use of the SMART Board into my daily lessons. Thanks, Julie!” Alison Sickbert, Indianapolis, IN 

“Students are doing very well on the quiz today thanks to what I learned from your workshops.  According to feedback from the ESL teacher, yesterday helped tremendously, and one of our ESL students scored 100% on today’s quiz! (That’s a first!)” Teacher, Lester Prep

"Julie is a great trainer. She has trained our teachers twice, and their reviews of her are excellent. Our teachers ask for her by name, and look forward to her trainings. They describe her as being very knowledgeable, patient with slower learners, and she is very creative with her presentations. We look forward to continuing to work with her in the future." Karen Horne, Clinical Systems Application Coordinator/Analyst - Intermediate at University of Mississippi Medical Center (Via LinkedIn)

 “I simply cannot thank you enough for providing your services for my district’s training!  We really do need you and appreciate you and your professionalism.  It is reassuring to know that when my customer purchases professional development they will be well trained.  I look forward to working with you again—hopefully soon.” Tessie Naylor, Creative-image Technologies

“Being able to move around and collaborate while learning is an absolute must for me.  Julie's activities allowed me to do that. She shared tons of examples, and provided many opportunities for hands-on. As a teacher with 25+ years, I found this workshop very beneficial. With this new knowledge I may stay around another 25 years. . . ”  Teacher, Cleveland City School District

"Julie provided outstanding training to my instructor staff and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her expertise and knowledge were very apparent and will pay big dividends for anyone looking to get their return on investment. . . Highly recommend Julie and looking forward to working with her again." Dean McCarty, Director of Training Center for Surface Comat Systems Unit Great Lakes (Via LinkedIn)

“I was very pleased with the training session. Julie was very effective. It was not the typical "sit and get" presentation; hands-on is always best!” Cornelia Barnes, Teacher, Fordyce School District

“The trainer was very knowledgeable and professional. She made the workshop interactive which gave you an opportunity to readily assess the information as you acquired which for ME was very helpful and able to retain later. She made a great impression on me as an informed educator, which so important when you have actually been in the classroom and know how children really are. I enjoyed the workshop it was very informative. I feel empowered with this knowledge to transfer into a teaching position. She moved at a pace where everyone could understand. Thanks for the opportunity and making the information and yourself available. Very, very, good  workshop. I would recommend to anyone.” Debra Brown, South Panola School District 

“Awesome instructor!  The workshop had a positive effect on my abilities and inspired me to use the technology. I now feel very comfortable using it with my students and helping coworkers. Thanks!” Angel Montano, Santa Fe Public Schools

“Thank you so much for coming to train us today! I am extremely pleased with the training we received. If we need training in the future, I hope they send you to us again!” Oklahoma Department of Labor

“Julie made me feel so comfortable about using the Smart Board and Notebook software!!! I have been using a Smart Board that I inherited when I moved to my room for a projector screen; kudos for now has a purpose!!!” Gary Thompson, Snowden School, Shelby County Schools

“The professional development was a beneficial experience.  It had a positive effect on my professional knowledge, enabled me to acquire skills which I plan to utilize in my classroom, and inspired me to use the technology.” Regina Pitts, Cleveland City Schools 

"Julie is an excellent resource for schools in training teachers how to effectively integrate the SMART board into their daily lessons. She delivers quality service, and values positive results from her work with teachers. She was extremely patient with the teachers at our school, and is very knowledgeable and helpful. She was always readily available to our staff for any additional assistance needed in implementation. I would definitely recommend Julie to any and all schools for staff development and consultation services in technology integration, and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future." Karen Elbert, Douglass K-8, Shelby County Schools

"Great workshop and very informative!!! I learned so much and I can't wait to start on my lesson planning tonight!!." Alyssa, Lee Elementary, Jackson Public Schools

"Julie was fabulous. She didn't go too fast and made even the beginners feel very comfortable. She made everything very interesting and meaningful. She was excellent. Please bring her back for more training." Teachers, Berclair Elementary, Shelby County Schools

"Julie is a wonderful resource for schools using SMART Boards. She is a gifted trainer. Her ideas are very creative and easily put into a lesson for the classroom teachers to use." Jane Maness, Technology Integration Coordinator at Harding Academy Memphis (Via LinkedIn)  

"I really enjoyed both of your sessions. It has been years since I really felt I learned anything of any consequence, and it was wonderful. You have an easy way about you that makes "us" feel you are one of our own. Thanks for all you did!" Andrea Fairchild, VWSD

"I am loving my SMART Slate, SMART Board and Notebook Software these days. It is amazing! I attribute all I am able to do with them to your expert teaching and workshops." Andrea Smith, Saint Benedict of Auburndale, Memphis

"When I signed up for the training, I originally thought I was attending training only about how to use the SMART Board. I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was about using the SMART learning software! I am so glad I attended! The training session was fantastic! Julie was great in answering our questions. The hands-on activities were engaging and so helpful! It was great to get up and participate rather than sit all day long!." Stacy, South Park Elementary, Shelby County Schools

"We all felt very lucky to have Ms. Sanford as our trainer. She was super--we learned so much; she is a very effective trainer. Please let her come back to our school to teach us more." Eda Fain, St. Augustine, Memphis

"I have always been amazed at Julie's ability to relate to customers and to explain difficult concepts so easily. Julie has a terrific customer focus and always looks to ensure that their needs are taken care of. In the years that I've worked with Julie, I've found her to be an amazing resource who is exceptionally professional, creative, dedicated and knowledgeable. She is a fantastic person and I would highly recommend working with or for Julie."  Stephan Yao, SMART Technologies  (Via LinkedIn)

"I first met Julie when she worked for SMART Technologies as an Education Consultant. She has always been professional, outgoing and knowledgeable with customers, co-workers and channel partners alike. Her friendly demeanor and knack for assessing and fulfilling the needs of her customers have enabled her to build successful professional relationships with a variety of stakeholders, benefiting all involved. I have most recently had the opportunity to work with Julie through her company, SmarterEd Consulting. Julie is an effective presenter and facilitator, keeping participants interested, engaged and requesting her return. It is always a pleasure to work with Julie." Bill Marshall, Director of Sales, Information Technology Solutions (Via LinkedIn)

"I first came to know Julie Sanford when I hired her in 2009 as an Education Consultant with SMART Technologies. Her tenure was marked by exemplary work with both colleagues and customers. Julie built positive working relationships within our team and at several levels within SMART. Positive, friendly and upbeat, Julie's knowledge of and enthusiasm for teaching and learning is infectious. The customers in her territory, which included reseller partners and K-12 teachers and administrators were universal in their positive assessment of her work. Julie left SMART in 2012 to start her own successful business, Smarter Ed Consulting. Julie has done several high-level contracting jobs with major partner organizations to rave reviews. A person of integrity, kindness and humor, Julie is able to quickly connect with her audience. Her ability to provide customized professional development that meets the needs of the customer have contributed greatly to the success of her business. It is without hesitation that I recommend Julie Sanford's abilities as an educator, consultant and technologist." Brady Phillips, Director-Strategic Partner Implementation at Discovery Communications (Via LinkedIn)

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